Annual Conference


18th Annual VirginiaABA Meeting &
Conference – Coming to you in 2022!

See below for information about our 2021 Conference.
The recordings will be launched on Whova soon.  They will be available on the Whova Desktop app until July 15 and the Whova Mobile app until October 15, 2021.  After that we will have some availability through the VABA website for attendees and you will receive message. 


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Shirts are $9.50 plus shipping.

Order by 3/31 to have it shipped to you prior to the conference.  Any orders taken after 3/31 will be shipped after the conference.  Store closes 4/19.


As the conference in 2021 is virtual, we will be using the Whova system to determine if you attended the talk long enough to receive CEUs.  There is no need to log into CEU Helper for 2021.  CEUs will be sent to you within 45 days of the end of the event.

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If you are looking for CEUs for prior conferences – email

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