Justin R. Crumpton, Ed.S, BCBA, LBA

Providing Supervision Since 2018
Insurance Accepted: Individual
Payment Type: Paid: $75/hr
Setting: In-Home, Private School, Public School, Community
Age Range: 3-21
Population: ID, DD, Autism, General
Remote or Onsite Work?: Both
Practicum vs. Fieldwork: Fieldwork
Type of Hours Offered: Mix of both

Justin R. Crumpton, Ed.S, BCBA, LBA
• Board Certified Behavior Analyst
• Licensed Behavior Analyst (Alabama, Vermont, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin [pending], Connecticut [pending], and Oregon [pending])
• Certified School Psychologist (Georgia)
• Independent Contractor with ABA therapy Provider and Behavior Analyst with local public school district (Georgia)

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