Shantel Pugliese, Senior Behavior Analyst and Assistant Director

Providing Supervision Since 2014
Insurance Accepted: A mix of the two
Payment Type: Paid: 100
Setting: In-Home, Private School, Public School, Clinic
Age Range:
Population: ID, DD, Autism, General
Remote or Onsite Work?: Remote
Practicum vs. Fieldwork: Fieldwork
Type of Hours Offered: Mix of both

I received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from West Virginia University and a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne Campus). I became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2012 and obtained licensure in Virginia in 2013. I am currently employed as a Senior Behavior Analyst and Assistant Director at The Faison Center, where I oversee the organization’s performance-based management system, supervise the school’s med clinic, and develop and deliver trainings for staff. Prior to my position at Faison, I worked in public school settings where I delivered trainings to school personnel, conducted needs assessments within special education programs, and worked with administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals to implement system-wide changes. I also have experience working as a case manager and supervisor in both clinic and in-home settings. The primary populations I’ve served have been Autism, ID, and DD. I also have years of experience training employees. I currently serve as the Secretary of VABA and recently chaired the workgroup that lead to creating this supervision engine. I strongly believe that the supervision experience plays a crucial role in the development of a behavior analysts skills and their ability to practice successfully within the field. I aim to provide a similar to experience to the one I was fortunate enough to receive in graduate school.

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